Professional Roles

2010 10 20 Great Green Debate


Management Team, Palerang/Murray Darling Basin Water Sustainability Snapshot and Adaption Planning Project, Palerang Council, Australia.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Wrote the Grant application on behalf of Palerang Council.
  • Wrote three of the six reports (Climate Variability, Snapshot on Sustainability and Basin Strengthening Priorities) and co-wrote six fact sheets for the project.
  • Coordinated the liaison between the Australian National University (ANU) and Palerang Council to provide state-of-the-art climate modelling and water resource research.
  • Presented results to Palerang Council and Community Members.
  • Led the Scenario Planning project component which demonstrated strong support for high government intervention to reduce unsustainable water use.



Doctoral candidate, post-doctoral fellow, lecturer, researcher, deputy manager sustainability office, environmental risk manager, visiting fellow.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Re-established, refined and managed the ANU contribution to the Molonglo Catchment Health Indicators Project, including monthly monitoring and reporting of three sites (SUL735, 745, 765).
  • Manager award-winning $3m Green Precincts project, 2009-13.
  • Coordinator of Green Fund Board, allocating up to $4m internal funds annually, 2011-13.
  • Writer of fourteen successful award nominations, 2008-2013.
  • Environmental report writer including Annual Environmental Management Plan Reports, 2009-13; Environmental Risk Reports, 1998-2013; statutory National Greenhouse and Energy and National Pollutant Inventory Reports, 2009-12.
  • Blogger for “NoFunnyBusiness – Straight Talk About Science in Society, 2013-14
  • Electricity and gas contracts negotiator, achieving savings of over $100,000 for contracts worth over $10m annually, 2011-12.
  • Course Convener and Primary Trainer, ANU GreenSteps Course 2008-13, achieving multiple Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching scores of 4.9 out of 5.
  • Two national study tours driving around Australia interviewing sustainability practitioners, 1998, 2004.
  • Various committee roles including Chair of Hazardous Waste Safety Committee 2010-13; Member Environmental Management Planning Committee 1997-2013; Chair Green Information Technology Coordinating Committee 2010-11.


Project Coordinator, Threatened Species Network project, WWF-Australia. Focusing on the Mongarlowe River, NSW.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Wrote the successful grant application on behalf of Rivercare Group Friends of Mongarlowe River.
  • Arranged training for members involved in the project.
  • Led a 5-day expedition down the full length of the river to map habitat values and threatening processes.
  • Designed a kit delivered to all riparian landholders to assist in riparian zone management.

The bank job 2012-2013

Participant in project to repair an eroded bank, identified in the Macquarie Perch Project as the single serious erosion problem on the Mongarlowe River.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Assisted the grant application process.
  • Participated in all project elements including reporting, public liaison, tree planting and more.
  • Co-produced the project place story.


Australian department of the environment, carbon farming initiative methodology development program, 2012-present

Contracted Proponent Principal Researcher for Carbon Farming Initiative methodology for Passive Landfill Gas Drainage and Biofiltration.

Selected Accomplishments:



ANU Enterprise/ Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 2009-12

Climate change specialist assessing FarmReady Training Courses for a program aiming to improve primary producer resilience to climate change.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Reviewed over 400 courses for their consistency with program goals.
  • Achieved a 2-day turnaround for over 90% of courses reviewed.
  • Review committee panel member.


Post-doctoral researcher, principal researcher, program coordinator, program monitoring and evaluation.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Led the monitoring and evaluation of the Social and Institutional Research Program.
  • Managed a project to enhance natural resource management uptake by local governments around Australia, distributing tailored versions of the National Land and Water Resources Audit.
  •  Developed and then coordinated the Integrating Themes Program to promote integration between programs.


Local government liaison officer, implementing the ‘new’ Environmental Protection Act 1994.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Assisted the design and delivery of the local government training course for the new Act.
  • Coordinated Devolution Working Parties across Queensland to support policy implementation.
  • Developed and updated Devolution Support Kit to ensure all stakeholders were kept up to date with regulatory and other developments.

Presented on the new Act and associated Environmental Protection Policies in the face of intense and ongoing community opposition, and was selected as a key speaker even when the Environment Minister, and various Mayors and other VIPs were present.

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