Student evaluations

Student evaluations of learning and teaching

Higher Degree Research supervision

William Mudford

“Dr Wild-River has an amazing ability to mentor, motivate and educate around the complex academic task of producing a thesis. She has the ability to guide and inform without taking over. She knows the right advice at the right time. There is the ‘Horse Whisperer’ for training horses, and Dr Wild-River is the ‘Thesis Whisperer’ for training academics.” William Mudford, Law, Honours 2014.

Catherine Diomampo

“Su is gifted with the ability to teach. … She keeps me on track, especially at times when I am lost and overwhelmed. Moreover, her positive attitude and accomplishments give me inspiration and keep my motivation high. I strongly believe that she is one of the best lecturers here in the ANU.” Catherine Diomampo, Crawford School, Masters, 2012.

Joseph Ting

“She was always encouraging and pushed me to explore my limits . In carrying out my project. At the end of the project, Su helped me to secure a casual job position on one project which led onto other projects, which helped develop my project management skills as part of my professional development.” Joseph Ting, Engineering, Honours.

GreenSteps teaching

“Su Wild-River was a brilliant teacher, presenter and great at making you understand her point. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is incredible, she is someone I now look up to and hope my career can be every bit as successful as hers.”

She trains in an informal way the formal things which made me more attentive to the course and practical sessions.”

“I think she was not critical of us. She appreciated everything, in terms of students mistake or development she handled it in a very professional way, in that case her criticism was constructive.”

“I was able to appreciate the need to audit our environment so as to see where changes can be made to make meaningful savings on utilities which will in the end save the planet.”

“It was only a 5 day training session, however I think I learnt like a semester course equivalent to 3 months!”

Managing for Sustainability, ANU MGMT7007 (masters course)

“She always asked us to take part in the discussion and gave ideas for the problems.”

“The course is incredible and I have gained a very good knowledge through this class.”

“Very well researched and with excellent pictures to illustrate.”

“Enjoyed it very much, did not feel like missing any of the lectures even when not completing the seminar preparation. Thank you.”

Corporate Sustainability, ANU MGMT2001 (2nd year undergraduate course)

“She enthusiastically encouraged questions and was very willing to accept possible answers or solutions that she hadn’t thought of.”

“Su is a great teacher ensuring complex issues are understood well.”

“Dr Su Wild-River is hands down the best lecturer I’ve had at ANU and I’m very grateful that she took this course.”

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