Products and Services

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Products and Services

Our expertise is in delivering real-world, on-ground solutions – not just reports to go on a shelf.

Environmental auditing

It’s easier to manage what you’ve measured, so it pays to start with an environmental audit. This process is used to identify priorities for action. We offer:

  • Carbon accounting compliant with national and international standards
  • Energy audits,
  • Water audits,
  • Waste audits,
  • Transport audits and
  • Environmental risk assessments.

Environmental management planning

Environmental management plans set the stage for improvements. Our experience is in incorporating key elements international frameworks such as ISO14001 and the Global Reporting Index, but without the time and cost of formal certification. That can follow later. We can help with:

  • Articulating environmental policies that receive executive and stakeholder support,
  • Realistic stretch-targets to keep you moving forward,
  • Persuasive business cases for attracting funding and other support
  • Project initiation, management and delivery on time and within budget

Environmental Risk management

Our environmental and general risk management are based on international standards, and developed through projects to achieve statutory compliance with Australian regulations. We offer cost-effective risk identification, analysis, treatment and mitigation options to manage both substantive and perceived hazards. Communication, monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement inform all stages of our risk management processes.

Program delivery and project management

Policies and plans aren’t enough on their own. Real improvements are delivered through changes to behaviour and infrastructure. Our track record is of significant, measurable environmental outcomes through integrated approaches. We can deliver Community Based Social Marketing to achieve real, long-term behaviour change for sustainability. Monitoring and evaluation ensure that investments deliver the intended outcomes. We also offer grant application writing, award nominations, and accurate, readable reporting.

Quality consultation

We have learned from experience how to consult for maximum engagement that doesn’t make waves. Our key stakeholder engagement strategies bring thought leaders into the process early so our messages are passed confidently through existing networks. This collaborative approach supports effective program delivery for lasting beneficial outcomes.

Training and facilitation

We have a particular passion for training and facilitation. We have years of experience delivering training in implementing sustainability using the approaches highlighted in these products and services. Our facilitated sessions have provided new perspectives and initiated new successful new programs and projects. We provide

  • Training by experienced professionals,
  • Specialist experience in training for regulatory change, implementing sustainability and corporate sustainability,
  • Group, process and change facilitation,
  • Research project coaching and ‘thesis whispering’

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