Program delivery and project management

What do you need?

  • Reliable identification of the key priorities for investment.
  • A business case to attract funding?
  • A clear pathway for action?
  • strategies for achieving lasting outcomes?


Our services

Policies and plans aren’t enough on their own. Real improvements are delivered through changes to behaviour and infrastructure. Our track record is of significant, measurable environmental outcomes through integrated approaches. We can deliver Community Based Social Marketing to achieve real, long-term behaviour change for sustainability. Monitoring and evaluation ensure that investments deliver the intended outcomes. We also offer grant application writing, award nominations, and accurate, readable reporting.


Our track record

ANU performance outcomes

Examples of Program Delivery

Australian National University (ANU) Environmental Management Plan, 2009-2015

Su Wild-River was one of the founding members of the award-winning ANUgreen sustainability program, and worked there from 1998 to 2013. She wrote the ANU Environmental Management Plan (EMP) 2009-2015, and managed the consultation for its acceptance. She also led reporting on EMP progress, and wrote the comprehensive mid-term implementation report. This work was pivotal in several awards, including the 2009 International Sustainable Campus Network Award, the Australasian Greengowns Award for Continuous Improvement in a Specific Area.

See the case study on the ANU Environment Program.


Devolving over 10,000 new environmental licences to local government

From 2004 to 2007 Su was the Local Government Liaison Officer responsible for the devolution to local government of responsibility for issuing over 10,000 new pollution prevention licences to local businesses. Her doctoral thesis work later showed that this had been successful in achieving significant environmental outcomes across Queensland.

See the page on Environmental Risk Management.


Examples of project management

ANU Green Precincts Project

Su Managed he Australian National University (ANU) Green Precincts Project (GPP) focused on sustainability in a research and higher educational setting. The project ran from 2009 to 2012 with a total cost of $3,121,340 with funding of $1,032,980 by the Australian Government under the Green Precincts Fund and $2,088,360 by the ANU to achieve a range of environmental outcomes including:

  • A showcase green precinct,
  • Energy and carbon emission reductions,
  • Water savings,
  • Communication, demonstration and community uptake,
  • Increased corporate engagement in sustainability,
  • Increased active transport and long-distance cycling.

See the final report from the Green Precincts Project.


Palerang Water Futures Project

Su helped lead the Palerang Water Futures Project funded under the “Sustaining the Basin Communities” program from the Australian Department of Environment. The project focused on the Molonglo Catchment within Palerang. Su contributed to the grant application and managed the partnership between the Australian National University and Palerang Council, researched and wrote three of the six reports including those on climate variability, legislation and policy arrangements, and future scenario planning. Su was also involved in developing all of the communications products including presentations to a scientific reference group, Palerang Council and the community, as well as fact sheets published on the Palerang Council website. The project won a 2012 NSW Local Government Excellence in the Environment Award for Natural Environment Policies, Planning and Decision Making.

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