Quality Consultation

What do you need?

• A genuine consultation process that communicates intentions, and draws in responses to adjust for an optimal outcome?
• A strategy for improving performance that will deliver genuine, lasting behaviour change?
• Communications products that stimulate discussion and engagement?
• Professional facilitation at a meeting, workshop or function?
• A monitoring and evaluation plan for continual improvement during the life of a program?
• A key stakeholder consultation strategy that prevents unwanted surprises?


Our services

We have learned from experience how to consult for maximum engagement that doesn’t make waves. Our key stakeholder engagement strategies bring thought leaders into the process early so our messages are passed confidently through existing networks. This collaborative approach supports effective program delivery for lasting beneficial outcomes.


Our track record

Genuine Consultation Processes

  • Su was the Local Government Liaison Officer for the Queensland Environment Department during the first few years of Environmental Protection Act 1994 implementation. She devised “Integrated Environmental Management Systems” licences as a cost-effective solution to the potential for over-regulation of local government operations. See the environmental risk management page for more details.
  • Su wrote and consulted on the ANU Environmental Management Plan 2009-2015, engendering support for its goals of achieving world-leading environmental outcomes. Feedback was incorporated to improve the EMP.
  • As manager of environmental risk management for ANU, Su chaired the Hazardous Waste Safety Committee from 2010-2013 to ensure effective communication between Divisions on key pollution and safety issues.


Lasting behaviour change

  • Su changed policies, provided infrastructure and trained relevant staff to ensure prevent stormwater pollution at The ANU. See the ANU case study for more details.
  • Su recently completed training in Community Based Social Marketing to acquire new skills, expertise and networks for achieving enduring behaviour change in sustainability projects.


Communications products

  • Su initiated and helped lead the ANU Sustainability Video series. See them on-line here.
  • Su published a comprehensive and fully transparent report from her Land & Water Australia Project to enhance local government uptake of the National Land and Water Resources Audit. See the full inside-out reports, providing local perspectives on national information here.
  • A four-page fact sheet showcases results about “How to have excellent natural resource management relationships with local governments”.
  • Su designed and deployed high quality drain signage across all of ANU to prevent stormwater pollution.

Making a splash


Professional facilitation

  • Su has run Future Vision Workshops for The Australian National University, Land & Water Australia and the Mongarlowe Community. Each process resulted in new programs or ongoing initiatives, and all feedback was positive.
  • Su helped organise and facilitated an ACT Conservation Council forum on the future of Information Technology. This provided insights to shape green choices for information communication technologies.
  • Su trains the incoming student leaders of ANU halls of residence in facilitation skills at the start of each year.


Monitoring and evaluation

  • Su Monitored and Evaluated the Land & Water Australia Social and Institutional Research Program. The work provided real-time feedback for program improvement using Most Significant Change and other techniques.
  • As Vice President of the Australian Capital Territory Division of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand, Su has initiated event feedback processes to continually improve our delivery of information and collaboration opportunities to members.
  • Su developed Monitoring and Evaluation systems and tools for the ‘Corridor Links and Carbon Sinks: Biodiversity for Carbon and Corridors’ (B4CC) project which is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Future Biodiversity Fund.

Key stakeholder consultation

  • Su led the “Devolution Working Group” process engaging Environmental Health Officers from most Queensland local governments for the first 3 years of the Queensland Environmental Protection Act 1994. The process ensured consistency and assisted in delivering a 34% environmental risk reduction across Queensland during those years. See Queensland Benchmarking Study for program outcomes.
  • Su initiated and managed the ANU Energy and Carbon Training Program for building custodians and other key stakeholders. She arranged high quality training through Energetics and actively connected the program to ANU funding opportunities such as the Green Funds. She arranged for certificates and an awards ceremony for participants and used this as a call to action to generate support for stakeholder’s ongoing engagement in collectively achieving outcomes. Several successful projects followed this work.

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