A list of recent awards where Su Wild-River was either the named recipient, or played a lead role in the project.

  • Cities Power Partnership Award for Energy Efficiency Achievement – ACT Government Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme, 2019,
  • Certified Environmental Practitioner of the Year Award (Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand) 2014,
  • International Sustainable Campus Network Award for Impact  (Australian National University Sustainability Program), 2009
  • Australasian Greengowns Award for Continuous Improvement in a Specific Area (ANU Sustainability Program) 2010
  • Australasian Greengowns highly commended for Sustainability in Learning and Teaching (ANU Sustainability Internships Program) 2011
  • NSW Local Government Excellence in the Environment Award for Natural Environment Policies, Planning and Decision Making, (Palerang Water Futures project) 2012
  • ACT Sustainable Cities Wildcard Award (Digital Sustainability Outreach) 2013
  • ACT Sustainable Cities Community Action, Partnerships and Culture – Highly Commended (ANU Green Precincts Project) 2013
  • ACT Sustainable Cities Litter Prevention Highly Commended (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Project) 2010
  • Sustainable Cities Energy Efficiency Highly Commended (Energy efficiency for carbon reduction fund) 2010
  • ANU International Women’s Day Award (Advocate of sustainability, leading by example) 2011
  • NSW Landcare Award – Third Prize (Macquarie Perch Project) 2009

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